Relationship Between Health Benefits and Mattress Toppers

Sometimes it can be very easy for people to go through life without recognizing some common patterns that occur again and again. Distractions prevent us from picking up on these patterns, but they do exist! It might be the case that people accidentally discover one pattern that they were not even expecting. One example of this is the relationship that can be seen between improved sleep health benefits and using mattress toppers. After all, not many people will first think to use mattress toppers when they need to improve their health. But believe it or not, toppers will help!

Memory Foam

Mattress toppers are traditionally made out of memory foam. Memory foam was developed originally by NASA in 1966. It is basically a polyurethane material that has been combined with other chemicals. The resulting product is a foam with very high density. Density tends to be affected by both heat and pressure. This is why it will ‘remember’ the shape of your body when you lie down on it. It will support your body, and will disperse the weight evenly. It does not apply pressure to specific points of your body as other bedding tends to do.

Reduced Pressure

As previously mentioned, memory foam has the ability to comfortably support your entire body while you sleep. According to the memory foam topper reviews here, there are no pressure points that press down on joints. The foam will cradle your body shape, and help to align your spine. This is great for people who suffer from chronic joint or back pain. They will not need to worry about their bedding causing extra pain when they turn over in the night.


It is often the case that people cannot sleep at night due to allergens in the room. Dust mites and pet dander are common annoyances that settle in people’s mattresses. The sleeper will be awoken multiple times during the night because they have to sneeze or sniffle. Mattress toppers are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. These toppers will not collect as much dust mites or pet dander than other mattress materials.

Less Chemicals

We are surrounded by chemicals in everyday aspects of our lives. If we can, it is a good idea to reduce our exposure to them as much as possible. Foam mattress toppers release fewer chemicals than other materials. This makes them safer for our health, and better for the environment.


The pattern of good health benefits being linked to using mattress toppers may be hard to see at first. However, the benefits listed above have clearly been linked to the use of mattress toppers over the years. The fact that toppers reduce the pressure on joints, are hypoallergenic, and release less chemicals definitely provides a positive impact to people’s health. Of course, these are not for-sure ways to alleviate your health concerns. There are other factors which much be considered as well, but toppers are a great starting point for you!

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