Rock Your Bodycon by Following These Five Tips

Bodycon is figure-hugging dresses created to showcase a woman’s body. It’s a must-have in your wardrobe if you’re a fashion lover. The design of the dress is such that it can accentuate your body shape, but most people find it challenging to rock this style, probably because of their body shape.

The word Bodycon originates from the two words, “Body” and “Confidence.” It’s all about being confident in your body. It consists of lycra and spandex materials, which make it hug the body tightly. It comes in varying lengths, shapes, and styles.

Most people tend to think bodycon gowns are for slim people. Because the dress tends to be shape-revealing, thereby making you look sexier, plus-size women, tend to shy off it as it makes them more conscious of their bodies.

Do you want to ramp up your allure level and bring to manifestation your inner diva? Do you always wish to pull off that sexy look but tend to back off at the last minute because you’re conscious of your body? Are you afraid that bodycon will expose your hanging belly and your flabby abs? Don’t worry; I got you.

Following these five tips will help you rock that bodycon, make you look sexy and feel confident in your body. Stay with me!

● Never Underestimate the Power of Exercises

We all can agree that the best shape for the bodycon is the hourglass shape. The hourglass shape is the shape we all aspire to have and to achieve that, and you don’t necessarily need to buy expensive gym equipment or pay through your nose at a fancy gym.

I understand working out is not easy, and you’re probably busy, these exercises I’ve found are easy to do, can fit into your schedule and can be done at home.

Rest assured, with consistency, these exercises and the right supplements will keep you supple and give you that Kim K body shape you need to rock that bodycon.

The exercises include Scissors, Squats, elbow planks, and lunges. There are lots of Youtube workout videos that can help you do these exercises.

For a more positive outcome, you can watch your diet and incorporate a supplement to help tone that abs.

● Hello, Body Shaper

If you feel you don’t have time for exercises or you haven’t been consistent in it, thereby delaying that hourglass body from manifesting, but you still want to rock that bodycon, all hope is not lost.

You can invest in a sound body shaper. Body shapers are here to help us get that desired shape even if it’s only temporary. 

When worn, body shapers give an illusion of the perfect shape by smoothening out the bumpy and flabby abs, including the bloated tummy, thereby making you look slim and fit, which in turn brings out your confidence when you don that bodycon.

Ensure your body shaper isn’t too tight as it can be dangerous to your health by cutting off circulation, which sometimes can make you dizzy or even worse, make you faint.

● Go for Dark and Thick Fabrics

Bodycon dresses in dark colors like dark grey, navy blue, brown and black will have such a slimming effect on you when you wear it. It’ll help hide the flaws and those little body wrinkles, which gives you that stunning look.

Going for a dark color will also make it easier to select accessories such as bags and shoes, including jewelry, to pair your dress.

Consider going for thick fabric as light fabrics like jersey can be too revealing and clingy, and will show off those flabs and bumps you don’t want us to notice.

● Ensure You Highlight Your Best Feature

Ensure any bodycon you wear showcases and highlight your best feature. You can try out different styles until you find your best fit. 

If you’re a curvy plus size woman with a flat tummy, make sure you wear a style that’s held tight on the waist which will showcase that curve and flat stomach. If you have a hot, killer leg, you can highlight it by always going for the short gowns.

● Ditch the Flats for Heels

 If you want to pull off that confident and ultra-sexy look that comes with wearing bodycon, you have to pair it with heels. It mustn’t necessarily be those stiletto kinds of high heels; wedges, pumps, and platforms are comfortable and will do just fine. Wearing heels will lengthen your frame and make you appear slimmer.

Believe it or not, bodycon dresses are not going anywhere in a long while. It’s safe to say that it has permanently come to stay. You can never do any wrong with bodycon if you know how to pair it. Bodycon is versatile, sexy, and classy. Don’t forget the confidence boost it gives the wearer. 

If you are yet to get one, stop delaying, get one and rock it with all the confidence you can muster. Remember, confidence is sexy too.

Relationship Between Health Benefits and Mattress Toppers

Sometimes it can be very easy for people to go through life without recognizing some common patterns that occur again and again. Distractions prevent us from picking up on these patterns, but they do exist! It might be the case that people accidentally discover one pattern that they were not even expecting. One example of this is the relationship that can be seen between improved sleep health benefits and using mattress toppers. After all, not many people will first think to use mattress toppers when they need to improve their health. But believe it or not, toppers will help!

Memory Foam

Mattress toppers are traditionally made out of memory foam. Memory foam was developed originally by NASA in 1966. It is basically a polyurethane material that has been combined with other chemicals. The resulting product is a foam with very high density. Density tends to be affected by both heat and pressure. This is why it will ‘remember’ the shape of your body when you lie down on it. It will support your body, and will disperse the weight evenly. It does not apply pressure to specific points of your body as other bedding tends to do.

Reduced Pressure

As previously mentioned, memory foam has the ability to comfortably support your entire body while you sleep. According to the memory foam topper reviews here, there are no pressure points that press down on joints. The foam will cradle your body shape, and help to align your spine. This is great for people who suffer from chronic joint or back pain. They will not need to worry about their bedding causing extra pain when they turn over in the night.


It is often the case that people cannot sleep at night due to allergens in the room. Dust mites and pet dander are common annoyances that settle in people’s mattresses. The sleeper will be awoken multiple times during the night because they have to sneeze or sniffle. Mattress toppers are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. These toppers will not collect as much dust mites or pet dander than other mattress materials.

Less Chemicals

We are surrounded by chemicals in everyday aspects of our lives. If we can, it is a good idea to reduce our exposure to them as much as possible. Foam mattress toppers release fewer chemicals than other materials. This makes them safer for our health, and better for the environment.


The pattern of good health benefits being linked to using mattress toppers may be hard to see at first. However, the benefits listed above have clearly been linked to the use of mattress toppers over the years. The fact that toppers reduce the pressure on joints, are hypoallergenic, and release less chemicals definitely provides a positive impact to people’s health. Of course, these are not for-sure ways to alleviate your health concerns. There are other factors which much be considered as well, but toppers are a great starting point for you!

The Pattern Between a Relaxing Environment and a Good Life

Living in a relaxing environment and a good life is easy to see. The types of people who know when to shut off and how to do that are the people who will, generally speaking, have a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life. We’ve taken a couple of things that we think link back to living a relaxing life, ensuring living in the right environment will help you stay calm and happy. Take a look.

Make a House a Home

There’s a bunch of ways that you can make your home the perfect place to relax. It should be that anyway, but what you have inside your four walls can make a house a home. Start off with some candles. If you’ve got a real fireplace these are really relaxing. Something along the lines of an aquarium or pond in the back garden is a lot more relaxing than you might know and an easy DIY project. You just need the right materials like pond liner and a quality eheim filter. If you’re not familiar with what those products are, you should brush up on information about eheim filters before you make any purchases. But trust me, it’s worth it.  The sound of running water trickling through the system can be enough to calm anyone. Remember to try and get the mood lighting right, too. This will help hugely.

Walk the Walk

Exercise releases endorphins that help the way you feel. Doing this a few times a week, even for an hour each time, can make you feel so much better, much more relaxed and calmed too. You can walk around your neighbourhood or find somewhere in the hills to go. Let nature be your gym, so long as you’re getting fresh air and working the heart and muscles, your brain will follow suit. There are plenty of sports you can do alone, be it running or golf, but finding a buddy to come on this journey of relaxation with you will make it much more fun.

Family Time

Family time is hugely important as it lets any issues or trouble come out into the open. Talking things through and being honest with the people closest to you can help with anxiety and keep everyone on the same page emotionally. This doesn’t mean you have to call ‘family meetings’ every two minute, but sitting down to chat, spending time together and allowing everyone to be themselves certainly helps everyone feel much better about life.

Career Life

The link between career life and your happiness is huge, because after all is said and done, your job role comes indirectly from your own personal ambitions. If these aren’t fulfilled then you’re always going to be unhappy, which again – isn’t good. Be sure to keep your career in mind if you’re unhappy. It could be because of this.

These are all basic components of having a good, happy, calm life. They’re the four major factors in anyone’s life. Keeping each of these in check will see you lead a relatively happy life. When this pattern is broken, however, you begin to see the cracks building. Keep an eye on these for a calm existence.

Weird But True Patterns Between Animals and the Moon

luna-and-the-moon-1133127_640We have all heard mysterious stories of how the moon turns people into werewolves and causes creatures to behave strangely. While this is typically dismissed as simple tall tales, the truth is that there is evidence that the lunar body that orbits our planet could, indeed, have an impact on animals. According to the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, both human and animal physiology are subject to lunar rhythms. There are a few weird but true patterns that have been exhibited by wildlife during various stages of the lunar cycle.

Badgers and the New Moon

badger-and-new-moonDuring the new moon (when the moon is between the Earth and the sun), badgers tend to raise their leg when they urinate to mark their territory whereas their legs typically remain down during other times. Researchers believe this is because the new moon provides a darker outdoor setting, and this makes it an ideal time for mating as a single session can take as long as 90 minutes.

This is good to know because badgers are dangerous animals, and they become more aggressive when they are mating. If you plan to go out in an area known for badgers during a new moon, be sure to visit Bushcraft pro. They offer the protection and information you need to stay safe if you should happen to come upon one of these devious creatures.

Increase in Pet Mischief

If you have a dog or cat, you may notice that they get into more mischief during the full moon. In fact, according to Live Science, veterinarians and other workers in animal care found a 23 percent increase in cat visits and 28 percent increase in dog visits to emergency rooms on nights when the moon was fuller. While there is no scientific explanation as to why these statistics exist, it’s suspected that it’s because pets tend to spend more time outdoors at night when the moon is brighter.

Lion Attacks on Humans

lionWhile lion attacks on humans aren’t common, when they do occur, it’s most often in the days immediately following a full moon. While this could easily cause us to consider credibility to theories that the full moon makes people and animals crazy, there’s a more likely theory. Since there is a longer gap of darkness between sunset and moonrise during a full moon, it’s more likely for people to be out on these dark nights. Researchers looking for the answers to this phenomenon suspect this simple explanation accounts for the increase in human and lion run-ins.

A Mysterious World

Patterns exist in many forms, and being aware of this fact can make you more attuned to the world around you. While you’re not likely to run into a werewolf anytime soon, there is good evidence to support the claims that the moon does, indeed, have an impact on the behavior of animals. By understanding this, you can make more informed decisions the next time you plan a hunting trip or outdoor family outing.

Breaking Stereotypes and Standing Out

Stereotypes are nothing more but the idea that people get from a certain group because of the pattern in behavior, action, and preference.

Image Credit:

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Geeks are people with glasses, freckles, braces, and are walking encyclopedias and calculators who are already in the borderline of insanity. At least that is what the pattern shows and it is what people are lead to believe is true or near reality. They are also called nerds, brainiacs, etc.

Another stereotype familiar to everyone is that blondes are dumb. This stereotype could really hurt people and this is not true altogether.

As to how these stereotypes started, I really could not tell. Just that most of the time, stereotypes are quite mean and insulting, and if you are someone who can’t take these kinds of things lightly, and you somehow have been stereotyped, then you will really have a difficult time handling your emotions and you might end up in a fight with other people, because really, stereotypes will continue to exist because human behavior patterns exist. As much as we want to deviate from the norm and be unique, there will still be an aspect of life that will fall into a pattern that can be associated with a stereotype.

Another form of stereotyping is by judging people even before meeting them, depending on their work. An example of this is how people stereotype chefs to be fat people. When someone is asked to think of a chef, the picture that comes into mind is that of a fat, round man or woman in a chef’s hat and uniform, slicing away the potatoes or shouting orders at their second in command, grumpy-looking and with casual burns here and there.

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People think that because chefs do nothing all day but cook and taste food and look at food and be surrounded by food, that they would, without a choice, be fat. Food is a chef’s life and therefore it is inevitable to end up eating round the clock.

Apparently, while there is no harm in loving food, there is harm in being fat. This harm, can be physical(because fat can cause diseases in the body, not necessarily physical harm from other people), or it can be emotional, which is the case when being stereotyped. You do not get the chance to prove them wrong. No matter how you convince someone that they are wrong, another person would come along and judge you for the same thing. It would be futile to convince everyone because it would be difficult to reach everyone.

These patterns in life are what helped form the society we live in today. Seeing pattern in things is a good thing. However, like most things, it also tends to lead us to see patterns that are of negative effect. It is up to us to make sure that we do not get easily hurt when we are categorized in a pattern. After all, we should know ourselves better than anyone else and if we are confident about who we really are, stereotype or no stereotype, we will not be easily offended and we can live and enjoy life regardless of what others have to say.