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This platform is an interactive one where we share knowledge and tips about home improvements, DIY attempts, money-saving tips, budget recipes, and lots more. 

What We Do

Pattern Awareness

This platform is an interactive one where we share knowledge and tips about home improvements

DIY Attempts

As a home design expert, there’re DIY attempts I’ve made in the past that you might try out. Examined below are some of them.

Upcycling Projects

You can transform any material into something else – all you need is a touch of creativity and innovativeness.

Money-Saving Tips

If you’re looking to save a few bucks while renovating your home, consider adopting the tips

Who We Are

Hello! I’m Vanessa.

I’m originally from Little Rock in Arkansas and live in New York City with my husband, Matthew, and our three-year-old baby boy, Brian. I’m a high school teacher, but I also work as a freelance content writer, photographer, and marketing consultant. Yes, I’m pretty a jack-of-all-trades kind of person.

Of all the things I do, writing is what I love most. I love sharing experiences and tips about home design and the day-to-day human lifestyle. Being a New York City resident, a place known for diverse races and several activities, contributes significantly to my passion for writing.

However, my decision to focus on home design came from years of watching my mom convert junks and discarded items into beautiful, home-worthy pieces.

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Pattern Awareness

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