Increased Accuracy and Stress Management on the Range

There’s no doubt that in today’s high-pressure, hurried society, you need management techniques to cope with everyday stressors as well as those special occasions when the boss really gets under your skin. While a lot of people turn to meditation or stress toys to help them cope, the therapeutic benefits of a little time at the target range are too often overlooked.

Take Control

Target shooting can be a release in itself. At times, simply feeling the power of recoil from the pistol in your hands, or the rifle against your shoulder can be a uniquely grounding experience. Likewise, to experience that moment of total control when you send bullet to target can be cathartic. Yes, simply the act of shooting can seem to set the world right again when stress has you feeling like you’re at the mercy of the tides.

If you take target practice a bit more seriously, you will find that many of the techniques that you use to master your shot also quiet your mind and body when life’s challenges start to pour on the pressure. While improving your aim with gear is an option, you won’t get very far if you don’t control your mind and body first.

Be Present


Okay, it sounds a little new-agey put that way, but every shooter knows that when he’s thinking of other things, those distractions show on the target. Sloppy groups and all out random flyers aren’t always the fault of your ammunition. If you’re going to shoot well, your mind needs to be there at the range and you have to let the rest of it go. Other people meditate on a flower or repeat a mantra, we push it all out and concentrate on the target. In the end, when you clear your mind and focus on the shot, you’re practicing a type of focused mindfulness that clears away all the extra-curricular garbage from the outside world and can help manage your stress levels once you leave the range.

Control Your Breathing

You can’t shoot a reliable group if the rise and fall of each breath rocks your body unpredictably. Controlled breathing has long been taught as a component of marksmanship. While there are different schools of thought as to when to fire during a breath, as well as opinions about holding breath, breathing patterns and cautionary tales of shooters passing out on the competition range, everyone agrees that you can’t shoot if you’re pulling the trigger at random points in an erratic breathing cycle. Calm controlled breathing is a necessary component of accurate shooting.

When you master your breath, you’re taking control of how your body functions despite outside influences. That’s a big factor in how you handle stress. You can slow down and take control, or you can react. Take that deep cleansing breath before shooting the next round. Calm your breathing and use the stillness of your natural respiratory pause to steady both your shot and your nerves. You’ll walk off the range with a tighter group and leave anxiety behind too.

Picture the Perfect Shot

While other people “go to a happy place,” you picture covering your next group with a dime. It’s a simple technique that clears the mental boogeymen and sets us up for success.

Visualizing positive outcomes is something athletes did long before life coaching became “a thing.” A basketball player pictures the ball swooshing through the hoop. A baseball player sees a ball soaring over the fence. As a shooter, you feel the trigger against your finger, the stock tight against your shoulder,and you picture your next shot leaving the bore, traveling a true line to the target.

Next time you find yourself with clenched fists and sore jaw muscles from biting back those things you’d like to tell the boss, grab your range bag and go. Come home with a bag of empties, a filled target and a better attitude.

Deciphering Great Patterns In Doing A House Search

One of the major decisions a newly married couple deal with is buying a home. It’s a way of becoming independent and beginning a new life. And normally, it involves planning together, searching for homes, weighing things and finally getting a home. But my brother and his wife who have been married for more than a year were somewhat stuck in the stage of searching for the right property in Oxford. They were renting a condominium unit but they thought home ownership is the best for them.

Last month, I heard my sister-in-law complained about how finding a home can be frustrating. They hunt through classified ads, real estate magazines and made a trip to a real estate agent’s office but they were not able to find the house that matched their standards. It’s either they always find houses on short sale or homes that are been priced too high.

So, I gave my sister an idea about how to take advantage of the vast resources in the Internet. A lot of real estate websites have popped up in the internet and they can be the best guides in finding the right home. I bought my own house three years ago through a website. I was able to work with an experienced listing agent before and I can attest that browsing online can be the best tool in searching for the best houses in the local market.

Knowing how to use the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the internet can be a big help. My sister-in-law was unfamiliar of this internet vocabulary but I told her that typing keywords in the search box would really matter. To make it more comprehensible for her, I took out my laptop and I let her did the searching. I told her she has to know her specific priorities like the type of home, location, type of neighborhood and the price range. She can then use the right keywords that match her priorities. If she wants a big house then she just cannot type any keyword in the search box “house for sale” or “real estate listing”. She needs to use keywords like “big houses for sale” then also include the local location in the house search. I also gave her the real estate websites recommended by my friend who is a realtor. One of the websites offered them handy tips about dealing with mortgages and helped them in their goal of owning a good home.

It’s good that my brother and my sister-in-law really took the time in getting what’s best for them. They were not tempted to just go with the first house that fell in their price budget but they tirelessly hunt for the best deal – a pretty nice house bought with the right price.

It’s true that finding a home for the first time can be daunting and frustrating but learning how to benefit from the internet technology can make a difference. There are no great secret formula but just with the basic common sense and instinct, it will guide us to find our dream house.

The Shoyoroll Gi Healthy Way of Life in BJJ

The Shoyoroll Gi Healthy Way of Life in BJJ

I think that everyone should have some sort of healthy hobby that they do weekly. I think you should do something that you enjoy, get exercise with, and is a way of life. There are many things that you can find, that you can do for a very long time. I mean something that you can start as a kid and still be doing until you are a grandparent. That is a healthy way of living and a good hobby to have in your life. Everyone out there does not always have a hobby or activity that they do for fun. I do not understand why they do not either. There are so many things to do out there. I got really lucky when I was younger because I found BJJ. It has changed my life forever in a good way.

I was in college and I was searching for a new activity to do. I have always loved being active and was getting bored with just jogging or lifting weights. I wanted something different but still fun to do. Then in one of my classes I had a professor tell the class about a martial art that he taught on campus. He said it was like wrestling and was not like karate at all. So after class I went up to him and he gave me more details about the martial art. So I found time to watch a class and that is all I needed for the addiction to kick in. I was hooked the very first time that I saw BJJ in action.

Wear a Shoyoroll gi while competing in Bjj!It was not long after that class I started regularly attending his class. The first things that I needed though was a gi. My college professor was so cool that he gave me a Shoyoroll gi. At the time, I did not know that was one of the best gis you can get on the market. I still have that gi to this day. It is my favorite gi.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a very practical martial art. It is not like the others where everything works in theory. You try this in live action and it still works! One thing that I found out about it, though, is that it is not for everyone. This is an intense martial art, but it is one that I needed in my life. If you have never checked it out, I recommend you found a school and watch one class!

Water Damage in NY Is Becoming More of a Pattern Lately

The Water Damage in NY is Rapidly Growing

Don't wait for Water Damage in NY to be knee deep

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Many people wonder why water damage is still a problem even how advance we already are. There are tons of factors as to why this type of problem is still present and still ongoing. There is nothing permanent in this world or any other that we know of, and things always change no matter how much we care or try to preserve it.

As what they say, change is the only constant thing in this universe. So back to our problem in the Big Apple, we should first think about one of the main factors as to why we encounter such problems.

First – the materials used in the construction of houses or even skyscrapers are not indestructible, the pipes rust, nuts and bolts corrode, and walls crack. Vital water carrying material may be built to last a lifetime but they’re not perfect. There is always a chance that they will just fail at any moment causing leakage of water, thus giving you indoor floods.

Second – Nature, there is nothing you can do about the fact about climate change. We now experience rains stronger than ever, sun’s heat now scorching than it was before and by these elements out of our control we should expect that the designs of infrastructure was meant for the previous climate, not today’s.

Third – Human discipline. Even with the ones mentioned above, we just don’t care. Some people do but only a handful, we don’t dispose our waste properly, and we don’t maintain our equipment or materials causing an extra contribution to our water damage in NY.

The residences and buildings in the city don’t even do yearly maintenance and will just wait for the flood or permanent damage to happen before they take action. If we just check part at least once a year from the roof to the piping system along with their wooden or metallic frames, then we can easily report it without facing other consequences.

I mean like how hard can it be… even if you would be checking on sites, they still provide the same info as to why this problem is still ongoing, simply because no one really cares that much. Like this one’s information:

There is some kind pattern for this one, its called prevention. Check at least just once a year for your apartment, room, house, office, building or any facility you care about and by just simply searching for present corroded pipes, cracks, moist or damp wood. You will surely evade and flee away from this type of problem.

Prevent before any serious problem occurs, it’s better to have a drip than to wait for the flood. Don’t wait for a knee-deep experience at your home.



Health Patterns You Need

improve-general-health-with-healthy-sleep-patterns-12-638Health Patterns are very useful because they provide a useful structure for assessing the patterns of factors that can influence the drug response, and that can create an impact on compliance and successful results of the drug therapy that we medicate. There are different discussions that health experts are talking about and they want to incorporate both the subjective and the objective data of every health pattern shown. To get to know more about the latest patterns about health, people can ask a local SEO expert in searching for the most popular and reliable patterns used online.

Local SEO Expert

A local SEO expert at can help you get the latest health patterns online. They will show the best results of the things you search online using the search engines. Simply type in the keywords “health patterns” on search engines like Google, it will show you several results to click on. When you click on the results on the first page, you’ll be sure to get reliable information there. You can learn a lot of health patterns that are used effectively by people.

Health Patterns

There are eleven unique patterns and one can see at how each of the pattern may affect the drug therapy or medication as well as how drug therapy may create an impact on that pattern. There are assessments of this pattern that can provide a rich and reliable database for planning the drug and other therapeutics to use as medication. It provides insights into several beliefs of the client or patient. He wants to be evaluated with his current health practices that may somehow affect the drug therapy, and the resources used to enhance his health needs.

Nature of Health

There are also certain beliefs about the help of the nature of health and the factors affecting it or the reasons that cause a current illness or disease that can provide helpful insights into the beliefs about the disease causation and how this disease should be treated through the drug therapies. The use of some home remedies is a good and important way too to explore and follow since these may also interfere with the drug therapy. However, it can also provide the clues to a client’s or patient’s understanding of his or her health, disease, and its corresponding treatment.

new-food-pyramid-1000x1113-920x1024The history of the clients’ current set of medications and their past drug therapies and responses to its drug therapy is extremely essential. It’s because it can also serve to the health to detect any “allergies” or intolerances to the drugs or any familial responses to its drug therapy that may cause more injury or damage to the health of a person.

Getting a good history is very important because these are the basic steps to know if the patients could handle such therapy prescribed or ordered to them by the physicians. Through history taking, the patient will be sure that they are well taken care of especially in their health patterns. In these patterns, patients will be evaluated on how far they can go with the drug therapy needed.

Health Patterns: Effects of Water on Human Condition

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Water is a vital element of life and it would be very beneficial if we understand how this element can help or break humans, understanding its behavior in our environment as it follows its pattern of existence.

Many studies can prove that germs and viruses are able to propagate and multiply much faster when they are provided with an environment that is wet or even just damped. This is because they can gain food and nutrients from water. This is the reason why people are more susceptible to health problems when they are in an environment that is almost always damped.

It is for this reason that people should be wary about the parts of their house that have already been damaged and/or penetrated by water elements such as the roof, the basement, the walls, and almost any other part of the house that can be exposed to water such as rain, dew and water pipes.

This precautionary measure is exactly what my friend Dianne did for her home. She noticed that she was beginning to have rashes all over her body and that she was always sneezing. She had herself checked up and the doctor said she was infected externally. A few months back she had troubles restoring her basement when it was flooded one time. No matter how she cleaned the place, instead of becoming stable, the materials that make up her basement are only crumbling and are becoming weak. She also noticed that it was dirtier than the usual, no matter how much she cleans it all away.

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In order to stop the water elements from ruining her home and her health, she had no choice but to have her house reconstructed. All the parts affected by water dampness was replaced and she had to move out for a couple of weeks to have everything settle and to get herself back on a better condition, away from the environment that was slowly ruining her health and body.

Since then, Dianne has noticed that her sickly feelings have gone. She no longer feels dirty because her house is in best condition from the basement up.

It’s a wonderful thing that water can both be curative and destructive. Curative in the sense that it is an essential part of the body. It is able to provide minerals and nutrients as well as heighten oxygen level of the body, and it is very much needed for the body to stay fit and well hydrated. On the other hand, it is destructive when it is able to penetrate in places where it should not be in, because it is not only humans that find nutrients and life in water, but also the different harmful germs and bacteria.

Now that we know this about water, we can see a pattern that proves how one single element can have positive and negative effects on us. It is about handling and knowing these things that can secure us from ever facing dangers while reaping the benefits.

The Internet – Following the Pattern of the Future

Some people would like to say that life is one big surprise party. You’ll never guess what you’ll get until you open the door. However, not all things in life come as surprises. There are some that were planned, patterned, and molded. One amazing example is the Internet.

Back when I was still a kid, I’ve watched science fiction movies where characters traveling in space would suddenly get a video transmission of their allies from a different planet. I’d usually ask my father if the television show was real; he’d just laugh and pat my head. Skip twenty five years later and now, we have Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and Google Hangouts.

It’s kind of amazing how the Internet evolved. My earliest memories of ever using the Internet was way back in 1999. I was learning how to use the email. Everyone thought that the Internet was something that was thought of back in the late 80’s and was now implemented in the 90’s. However, the concept of having a “World Wide Web” already existed in 1962.

A certain J.C.R Licklider from MIT produced a series of memos in August of 1962 where he described his “World Network” concept. He envisioned a world where computers were interconnected and everyone would be able to access data from any site in the world. If you think about it, the whole pattern does remind you of the Internet, right?


In order to make his vision a reality, Mr. Licklider became the first head of the computer research program in DARPA in October 1962. However, a year before Licklider thought of the World Wide Web, Leonard Kleinrock have already published his first paper on packet switching theory. For all computer and Internet geeks out there, yes, he was already researching about data packets. Kleinrock then convinced his friend, Lawrence G. Roberts that it is possible for two computers to “communicate” via packets instead of circuits. Roberts was a good friend of Licklider, therefore he worked with Thomas Merill in 1965 to connect the TX-2 computer in Massachusetts to the Q-32 computer in California using a low speed dial-up telephone line. This became the first ever wide-area computer network ever built.

That was also the first ever dial-up connection. You could say that the event was the one that spawned all other Internet connections that we know today. Kleinrock, Licklider, and Roberts would become the pioneers of the Internet and more collaborations from other networking experts improved the way data packets were sent from one computer to the other. It wasn’t until the late 1970’s that the research community became very interested with the Internet, due to its rapid growth in the past few years. In the early 1980’s, dozens of vendors have expressed interest in developing commercial products for implementing Internet technology. A lot of vendors at that time have started using TCP/IP in their products.

Then in 1995, the FNC unanimously passed a resolution the defined the word “Internet”.


Within two decades, the Internet have changed so much and it has definitely changed the way we do our business and our lives. As of the moment, I am using the Internet and VOIP with added value voip and I think it’s funny that years ago, people would imagine all these as science fiction.

Breaking Stereotypes and Standing Out

Stereotypes are nothing more but the idea that people get from a certain group because of the pattern in behavior, action, and preference.

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Geeks are people with glasses, freckles, braces, and are walking encyclopedias and calculators who are already in the borderline of insanity. At least that is what the pattern shows and it is what people are lead to believe is true or near reality. They are also called nerds, brainiacs, etc.

Another stereotype familiar to everyone is that blondes are dumb. This stereotype could really hurt people and this is not true altogether.

As to how these stereotypes started, I really could not tell. Just that most of the time, stereotypes are quite mean and insulting, and if you are someone who can’t take these kinds of things lightly, and you somehow have been stereotyped, then you will really have a difficult time handling your emotions and you might end up in a fight with other people, because really, stereotypes will continue to exist because human behavior patterns exist. As much as we want to deviate from the norm and be unique, there will still be an aspect of life that will fall into a pattern that can be associated with a stereotype.

Another form of stereotyping is by judging people even before meeting them, depending on their work. An example of this is how people stereotype chefs to be fat people. When someone is asked to think of a chef, the picture that comes into mind is that of a fat, round man or woman in a chef’s hat and uniform, slicing away the potatoes or shouting orders at their second in command, grumpy-looking and with casual burns here and there.

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People think that because chefs do nothing all day but cook and taste food and look at food and be surrounded by food, that they would, without a choice, be fat. Food is a chef’s life and therefore it is inevitable to end up eating round the clock.

Apparently, while there is no harm in loving food, there is harm in being fat. This harm, can be physical(because fat can cause diseases in the body, not necessarily physical harm from other people), or it can be emotional, which is the case when being stereotyped. You do not get the chance to prove them wrong. No matter how you convince someone that they are wrong, another person would come along and judge you for the same thing. It would be futile to convince everyone because it would be difficult to reach everyone.

These patterns in life are what helped form the society we live in today. Seeing pattern in things is a good thing. However, like most things, it also tends to lead us to see patterns that are of negative effect. It is up to us to make sure that we do not get easily hurt when we are categorized in a pattern. After all, we should know ourselves better than anyone else and if we are confident about who we really are, stereotype or no stereotype, we will not be easily offended and we can live and enjoy life regardless of what others have to say.