Patterns in Various Sports and Recreational Activities

A pattern generally consists of regularity or repetition of an occurrence. Typically, there are numerous ones in various areas of life. While some are obvious, you have to look more closely to discover others. Also, though some might be useful in understanding certain things, some aren’t. The essential ones help make strong correlations, like knowing the need for a relaxing environment for a good life.
We know that physical pattern recognition is a crucial cognitive skill. Similarly, pattern awareness is necessary for our daily living. That’s because it helps in problem-solving to decipher the right steps to take based on past experiences. Some patterns are more straightforward to understand than others, which may be more intricate or complicated. Subsequently, we’ll discuss practices in sports.

Sports and Recreational Activities

Sports and recreation both involve physical or sometimes, mental activity in one form or another. While people perform sports majorly on a competitive basis, the other is more for the fun and thrill it brings. There’s, however, an interrelationship between them as some sports double as recreational activities. We know that many of them exist, but we’ll discuss only a few here.


People mostly call it American football to distinguish it from soccer. It involves two teams in which the one in possession of the oval-shaped ball is the offense, and the other is the defense. It’s this play that creates the pattern in football. While the offense strives to hold onto the ball and get it to the other end of the field, the defense aims to ensure that doesn’t happen.
The winner of the game emerges based on the points awarding system. Each team gets points for either a touchdown or an end goal. While the former involves getting the ball to the opponent’s end zone, the latter happens when the ball goes through their goalpost. Like other sports, rules are surrounding the game, which players must adhere to, and play patterns depend on a team’s formation.


Ping-pong is also known as table tennis and is a popular activity, both as a sport and for recreation. It usually accommodates two players at a time and involves a table, a lightweight ball, and the use of rackets. The basic play pattern is hitting the ball with the racket back and forth. Each round ends when either one player misses a hit, the net divider stops the ball, or goes to the floor.
There’s also a foot movement pattern during play, side to side, and in and out. It’s an integral part of the sport because it helps get into the right stroking positions. Experts recommend putting your weight on your toes and bending your knees because that lowers your center of gravity. Stroking patterns are another vital aspect to perfect to be good at table tennis.


Soccer is also known as football in some parts of the world. That’s why there’s a need to distinguish it from American football, although they have some similarities. Soccer also involves two teams of eleven players, but instead, they use their feet to kick the ball around. Only the goalkeepers on each side can hold the ball and other players when giving a throw.
This game also involves different player formations, based on the desire of individual coaches for their teams. Both teams aim to score as many goals as possible while trying to ensure their opponent doesn’t. That’s why they have strikers or forwarders, midfielders, and defenders. There are also rules of the game they all must follow.


Trampolining is an exciting recreational activity that also helps to burn stress. Someone described it as a thick bounce house without a particular theme. The pattern involved in it is the repetitive bouncing movement propelled by the spring in the trampoline. Therefore, it must be sturdy to support that kind of weight, which means you should check reliable places like Leisure Head.
As with other sports equipment, it’s also helpful to check out reviews for trampolines if you want to buy one. That’s because it gives you an idea of the best ones and why they are. It also talks about their features, thus helping you decide the best fit for your needs. You can see trampoline reviews at


Volleyball is Similar to tennis or ping-pong because there’s a net separating the two teams involved. Each unit comprises six people with different strategic positions on the court. The essential play consists of hitting the ball back and forth between both sides without getting grounded. Failure to achieve that counts as a point for the other team.
When the ball is on a particular side, they can have up to three players touch the ball without anyone touching it two consecutive times. This one and some other occurrences counts as a fault and the team involved loses that round or rally. It’s an exciting sport and has various adaptations as a recreational activity like the beach and swimming pool volleyball.

5 Patterns to Solve the Major Issues of Online Businesses Experience

The digitization of services has both advantages and disadvantages.

Businesses continue to boom since the birth of the internet in business. Shopping and conducting business activities has been made easier and quicker with increased adoption of the internet.

However, your business operators face various challenges. Based on a survey conducted by Statista, online retail businesses made sales of about 342.96 billion dollars in 2015.

And, this sale was forecasted to surpass 600 billion dollars in 2019. This shows how business has been good on online platforms.

But, with every great thing comes a challenge. Here’re are solutions to major issues online businesses experience:

  • A solution to the competition analysis problem
  • Return and refund policies for products
  • Power backup
  • Maintaining customer loyalty
  • Identity theft protection

5 Major Solutions for Online-Based Businesses to Overcome Common Problems

1. A competitor analysis solution

With more businesses being set up online, competition in dealers selling the same kind of goods has also heightened. They offer the same services and sell the same products. It then becomes a challenge to make your business distinguishable among other existing businesses.

Be creative and thoughtful to make your business stand out from other competitive businesses. To solve this problem, you must carry out a thorough competitor analysis.

Do research to get to know the products and services your competitors offer, including the quality of the same. Know your competitors’ prices and the platforms on which they connect to their customers.

Get to know every essential information and use that knowledge as your tool for crafting a successful strategy.

Knowledge is power. And, with this information in hand, work on your services and product offerings. Deliver exceptional customer service in an impeccable manner.

2. Return and refund policies for products

Customers often check if there’s a return policy before purchasing any product. Customers are also concerned with the delivery date of goods after they’ve been ordered.

Deliveries that take longer discourage customers from making orders from the same store in the future. Over recent years, many customers make returns after purchasing products for varied reasons.

You must make sure that you work on your return and refund policy because it’s essential to some customers. Your business must be able to allow customers to return purchased products if they aren’t satisfied with the delivered product.

Don’t be tricky for your customers. Neither should you lie about your policies. Be transparent with your customers with your return and refund policy into consideration.

Post information about your policies on your websites and on platforms where customers will find them easily.

3. Identity theft protection

Online businesses are prone to online attacks from people who aim at getting confidential information from businesses and business owners. The personal information can be used for purposes other than you, the business owner, intended.

You must protect your identity well and invest in data security. Make your business passwords and confidential information private and only accessible to authorized persons. You can also hire an identity protection specialist to help with your business.

Alternatively, invest in an identity theft protection solution.

4. Power backup

Online businesses take place on the internet. To log in to online platforms, you must use devices. And, these devices use power.

Online businesses give your business the opportunity to run 24/7. Therefore, you must have a stable source of power. To keep your business running all through, you must have reliable access to both the internet and power.

A major challenge is determining whether your power supply is regular and dependable. What’s more, power outages are a common problem in many parts of the world. To solve this problem, consider investing in power backups.

Power backups are available in various forms. Generators are an efficient power back up plan that most people prefer, and you can depend on it. To ensure that your business runs every time, consider purchasing a generator for your power backup plan.

For instance, inverter generators are great for anyone or business in need of power backup for business continuity in case of a blackout.

5. Maintaining customer loyalty

Acquiring a new customer is more expensive than retaining an existing client. Getting new customers and keeping them, especially online, where it’s hard to trust anyone, isn’t easy. You must be creative enough to help customers to develop loyalty towards you and your business.

Work on your customer service delivery if you’re to win the trust of several customers. Be positive with your customers and offer your services transparently. Also, be a regular blogger and send information to your customers through email.

Most customers prefer email as a platform for communicating with business owners. Work on making your customers happy, and they’ll most likely develop trust and loyalty to your services.

Therefore, they’re bound to love your services compared to other businesses.


Doing business online has some advantages over physical stores. However, some issues are linked to running online businesses. There’s been a sharp growth in online businesses. Competition has also stiffened, explaining the need to be exceptional in your service delivery.

Looking At Digital Patterns: Protecting Yourself Against Digital Threats

Since the evolution of the digital age, many individuals and businesses have moved the majority of their activities online. This trend was necessary due to the need to cut running costs and get access to a broader population than would have been reached using the conventional method. Besides this, the internet offers lots of opportunities, possibilities, and information for every category of individuals and businesses.

However, while using the internet has several benefits, it’s not without challenges, part of which are cyberattacks and a host of other digital threats. It’s no news that internet criminals and hackers are increasing in number and methods daily. They’re becoming more sophisticated when it comes to breaching personal cyberspace and compromising organization data confidentiality.

Many organizations and individuals run a massive online presence and rely on the same to successfully manage their businesses and personal brands; a good example is the banking sector. Customers’ and organization data get generated and saved digitally with sophisticated security measures to protect their confidentiality and integrity. However, this doesn’t stop digital criminals, who constitute a major digital threat, from making attempts at stealing data, money, or illegally taking the identity of individuals for criminal purposes.

What Are Digital Threats?

Also known as cyber threats, digital threats are hostile efforts directed towards compromising the integrity of data by damaging it, stealing data, or disrupting digital life as a whole. Investments in cybersecurity have been on an exponential increase due to advancements in technology. Regardless, many individuals and organizations remain prone to cyberattacks, a factor that’s now linked to the persistence of cybercriminals in finding loopholes in cybersecurity measures.

Digital threats come in various forms. Some of them include;

1. Phishing

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to garner confidential and sensitive information from an unsuspecting individual while posing as a legitimate institution. Such information that could be requested includes personally identifiable information, credit card details, passwords, etc.

2. Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software introduced into your computer to scramble and prevent access to your data, after which a message displays requesting a ransom before you can regain access to your files. Most ransomware gets introduced through malicious emails.

3. Identity Theft

ID theft involves illegally obtaining the personal or financial information of an unsuspecting individual with the sole intent of assuming the person’s identity to make purchases or get credit or loans.

4. Hacking

Hacking means malicious attempts at gaining access to sensitive information relating to bank accounts or credit cards. It’s also associated with social engineering, which has to do with tricking individuals into revealing confidential information about them.

Tips for Protecting Yourself Against Digital Threats

Don’t take digital threats with levity. They can lead to the loss or compromise of vital, sensitive data, resulting in reputational damage for organizations. Security breaches can sometimes lead to the loss of vast amounts of money, which can be devastating for individuals and corporate bodies.

Arming yourself with necessary information and knowledge of preventive measures to take will go a long way in ensuring you don’t fall victim. Below, we provide some tips on how you can protect yourself against digital threats.

1. Back-Up Important Data

Backing up your data is one of the numerous ways to prevent yourself from digital threats. Doing this will help recover information or resources you might lose if you encounter any cyber incidence or your computer systems develops issues. Make backups to external hard drives, so you don’t lose sensitive data to viruses in the event of a cyberattack on your computer system.

2. Register with a Standard Online Identity Protection Company

You can’t be too careful when it comes to taking preventive measures against digital threats, and no amount is too much to safeguard yourself from the antics of digital criminals. An ID protection company helps prevent identity theft incidents, and provides compensations should they happen (based on agreed terms). Many individuals and businesses lose millions to identity thieves almost every day, partly due to not taking their identity protection seriously.

Identity protection companies help prevent this by monitoring all activities carried out in your name online and set alerts and alarms to negative flag situations that involve your identity. Some ID protection enterprises also offer screening services at not-so-expensive rates.

3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Your Social Accounts

Two-factor authentication, sometimes called two-step verification, is a security procedure in which websites or apps require users to provide two separate authentications before granting access to those platforms. It’s usually an extra step that makes it very challenging for hackers to access your accounts. Always make efforts to enable this two-step verification procedure whenever you have the option.

4. Restrict Unwarranted Access to Your Computer Systems

This step prevents foreign materials or malware from making their way into your computer systems as they’re known to be sources of cyberattacks. Keep a close eye on your computer equipment. They should be appropriately encrypted to avoid unauthorized access. Install anti-malware programs and update them every time.


Of course, there’re lots more measures individuals and organizations can take to protect themselves against a digital threat. The few ones given above will go a long way if you adhere to them. You’re responsible for your safety, endeavor not to take it lightly.

Rock Your Bodycon by Following These Five Tips

Bodycon is figure-hugging dresses created to showcase a woman’s body. It’s a must-have in your wardrobe if you’re a fashion lover. The design of the dress is such that it can accentuate your body shape, but most people find it challenging to rock this style, probably because of their body shape.

The word Bodycon originates from the two words, “Body” and “Confidence.” It’s all about being confident in your body. It consists of lycra and spandex materials, which make it hug the body tightly. It comes in varying lengths, shapes, and styles.

Most people tend to think bodycon gowns are for slim people. Because the dress tends to be shape-revealing, thereby making you look sexier, plus-size women, tend to shy off it as it makes them more conscious of their bodies.

Do you want to ramp up your allure level and bring to manifestation your inner diva? Do you always wish to pull off that sexy look but tend to back off at the last minute because you’re conscious of your body? Are you afraid that bodycon will expose your hanging belly and your flabby abs? Don’t worry; I got you.

Following these five tips will help you rock that bodycon, make you look sexy and feel confident in your body. Stay with me!

● Never Underestimate the Power of Exercises

We all can agree that the best shape for the bodycon is the hourglass shape. The hourglass shape is the shape we all aspire to have and to achieve that, and you don’t necessarily need to buy expensive gym equipment or pay through your nose at a fancy gym.

I understand working out is not easy, and you’re probably busy, these exercises I’ve found are easy to do, can fit into your schedule and can be done at home.

Rest assured, with consistency, these exercises and the right supplements will keep you supple and give you that Kim K body shape you need to rock that bodycon.

The exercises include Scissors, Squats, elbow planks, and lunges. There are lots of Youtube workout videos that can help you do these exercises.

For a more positive outcome, you can watch your diet and incorporate a supplement to help tone that abs.

● Hello, Body Shaper

If you feel you don’t have time for exercises or you haven’t been consistent in it, thereby delaying that hourglass body from manifesting, but you still want to rock that bodycon, all hope is not lost.

You can invest in a sound body shaper. Body shapers are here to help us get that desired shape even if it’s only temporary. 

When worn, body shapers give an illusion of the perfect shape by smoothening out the bumpy and flabby abs, including the bloated tummy, thereby making you look slim and fit, which in turn brings out your confidence when you don that bodycon.

Ensure your body shaper isn’t too tight as it can be dangerous to your health by cutting off circulation, which sometimes can make you dizzy or even worse, make you faint.

● Go for Dark and Thick Fabrics

Bodycon dresses in dark colors like dark grey, navy blue, brown and black will have such a slimming effect on you when you wear it. It’ll help hide the flaws and those little body wrinkles, which gives you that stunning look.

Going for a dark color will also make it easier to select accessories such as bags and shoes, including jewelry, to pair your dress.

Consider going for thick fabric as light fabrics like jersey can be too revealing and clingy, and will show off those flabs and bumps you don’t want us to notice.

● Ensure You Highlight Your Best Feature

Ensure any bodycon you wear showcases and highlight your best feature. You can try out different styles until you find your best fit. 

If you’re a curvy plus size woman with a flat tummy, make sure you wear a style that’s held tight on the waist which will showcase that curve and flat stomach. If you have a hot, killer leg, you can highlight it by always going for the short gowns.

● Ditch the Flats for Heels

 If you want to pull off that confident and ultra-sexy look that comes with wearing bodycon, you have to pair it with heels. It mustn’t necessarily be those stiletto kinds of high heels; wedges, pumps, and platforms are comfortable and will do just fine. Wearing heels will lengthen your frame and make you appear slimmer.

Believe it or not, bodycon dresses are not going anywhere in a long while. It’s safe to say that it has permanently come to stay. You can never do any wrong with bodycon if you know how to pair it. Bodycon is versatile, sexy, and classy. Don’t forget the confidence boost it gives the wearer. 

If you are yet to get one, stop delaying, get one and rock it with all the confidence you can muster. Remember, confidence is sexy too.

The Pattern of Getting Back What You Give

It has often been said that if you take care of your things, you will get better use out of them. This is the case for all aspects of life, including relationships, possessions and your personal reputation. Taking the time to properly care and nurture parts of your life will result in a heightened enjoyment of them. For example, if you properly care for your car, it will last longer and you will not have to replace it as quickly. We will be going over some tips of car maintenance that should not be neglected.

Check the Fluids in Your Car

There are many different fluids in your car, and they all have a very specific purpose. It is important to be aware of what these fluids do, and what to do when they get too low. If you are not sure of where a particular fluid goes, do not attempt to refill it. If you were to add windshield washer fluid to the spot where engine oil goes, for example, your car would definitely not be very happy. However, if you regularly top up everything in your car, it will be happy and will run smoothly for you.

Add Lights to Your Car

While driving in dark places, having sufficient lights on your car is essential. If you are on a country road with no streetlights, the regular headlights may not be enough to light the darkness. If there is not enough light on your car, you will run the risk of hitting something or someone. Try adding an LED light bar to your car, so that even the inky darkness will be lit up. A good brand of LED light bars is Epistar, so you could try that one out first. Even if it does not suit your purpose, it will give you a good starting point.


Wash Your Car

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it can often be difficult to find time to properly wash your car. Going to a car wash may seem like a quick solution, but it might not be enough to get all the dirt that is hiding underneath the car. If you allow the dirt to stay where it is, it will start to rust. Having large rust holes in your car is not a good thing, and it will decrease the life of the car. If you keep your car as clean as possible, it will be around for much longer.


Life is full of patterns. Taking care of your car and receiving good service in return is a common one. If people start taking more time to care for their vehicle, they will start to notice a positive difference. Checking the fluids in your car, adding lights and washing it are good places to start if you want to take better care of it. Try to maintain everything fairly regularly, or it will be harder to fix later on down the road.

How to Change Your Posture Habit

People typically encounter repetition in their lives. They know that the next day they will most likely be doing the same tasks that they are comfortable with. When people fall into a set routine, it can sometimes be difficult to break it. This is also the cause with bad habits. Bad posture is one such habit that needs to be corrected as soon as possible. People spend their time in the same position every day, which eventually leads to bad posture. How can you avoid this from happening? Read on to find out!

Utilize a Posture Brace

Sometimes posture can be difficult to correct on our own. We are so attuned to doing the same activities that cause bad posture, that we do not even realize we are doing them. Men in particular will suffer from bad posture if they are required to do more physical labour than women. If they are lifting heavy objects or straining themselves on a regular basis, their posture will worsen over time. A good example of a posture corrector for men is a posture brace.  Posture braces can help because they are automatically correcting the issue. A posture brace will provide extra support for the shoulders and spine, which increases various muscles. A posture brace can be easily worn under a piece of clothing. It is meant to be unobtrusive, so it will not interfere with your everyday activities. Your doctor may recommend that you wear it for a certain amount of time before analyzing the results.

Walk Around More

Taking A Walk Outside

Being at work is such a routine pattern for most people. It is where we spend a great deal of time, and so many health patterns can form while being at work. Sitting for a prolonged period of time at work is detrimental to your spinal health. You can avoid this by being as active as possible during the day. Stand and stretch every half an hour at least. When you get up for coffee, walk around the building before going back to your seat. Change your desk for a standing one. A standing desk may be difficult to use all day, so perhaps you could have two desks that you go back and forth between.  Little changes like these can make a huge difference to your posture. You will start to notice less back pain and a straighter spine.


Humans have a tendency to continue bad patterns, we’re creatures of habit. Once they start, it is difficult to stop. The first step is acknowledging that there is an issue and you want to solve it. Bad posture can be the start of serious back pain in the future. Avoid this by making a few changes to your lifestyle. Wearing a posture brace and walking around more at work are good ways of improving your physical and spinal health. You will appreciate the changes once they have been implemented in your life, because you will experience less pain on a day-to-day basis.

Relationship Between Health Benefits and Mattress Toppers

Sometimes it can be very easy for people to go through life without recognizing some common patterns that occur again and again. Distractions prevent us from picking up on these patterns, but they do exist! It might be the case that people accidentally discover one pattern that they were not even expecting. One example of this is the relationship that can be seen between improved sleep health benefits and using mattress toppers. After all, not many people will first think to use mattress toppers when they need to improve their health. But believe it or not, toppers will help!

Memory Foam

Mattress toppers are traditionally made out of memory foam. Memory foam was developed originally by NASA in 1966. It is basically a polyurethane material that has been combined with other chemicals. The resulting product is a foam with very high density. Density tends to be affected by both heat and pressure. This is why it will ‘remember’ the shape of your body when you lie down on it. It will support your body, and will disperse the weight evenly. It does not apply pressure to specific points of your body as other bedding tends to do.

Reduced Pressure

As previously mentioned, memory foam has the ability to comfortably support your entire body while you sleep. According to the memory foam topper reviews here, there are no pressure points that press down on joints. The foam will cradle your body shape, and help to align your spine. This is great for people who suffer from chronic joint or back pain. They will not need to worry about their bedding causing extra pain when they turn over in the night.


It is often the case that people cannot sleep at night due to allergens in the room. Dust mites and pet dander are common annoyances that settle in people’s mattresses. The sleeper will be awoken multiple times during the night because they have to sneeze or sniffle. Mattress toppers are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. These toppers will not collect as much dust mites or pet dander than other mattress materials.

Less Chemicals

We are surrounded by chemicals in everyday aspects of our lives. If we can, it is a good idea to reduce our exposure to them as much as possible. Foam mattress toppers release fewer chemicals than other materials. This makes them safer for our health, and better for the environment.


The pattern of good health benefits being linked to using mattress toppers may be hard to see at first. However, the benefits listed above have clearly been linked to the use of mattress toppers over the years. The fact that toppers reduce the pressure on joints, are hypoallergenic, and release less chemicals definitely provides a positive impact to people’s health. Of course, these are not for-sure ways to alleviate your health concerns. There are other factors which much be considered as well, but toppers are a great starting point for you!

The Pattern Between a Relaxing Environment and a Good Life

Living in a relaxing environment and a good life is easy to see. The types of people who know when to shut off and how to do that are the people who will, generally speaking, have a more fulfilling, healthy and happy life. We’ve taken a couple of things that we think link back to living a relaxing life, ensuring living in the right environment will help you stay calm and happy. Take a look.

Make a House a Home

There’s a bunch of ways that you can make your home the perfect place to relax. It should be that anyway, but what you have inside your four walls can make a house a home. Start off with some candles. If you’ve got a real fireplace these are really relaxing. Something along the lines of an aquarium or pond in the back garden is a lot more relaxing than you might know and an easy DIY project. You just need the right materials like pond liner and a quality eheim filter. If you’re not familiar with what those products are, you should brush up on information about eheim filters before you make any purchases. But trust me, it’s worth it.  The sound of running water trickling through the system can be enough to calm anyone. Remember to try and get the mood lighting right, too. This will help hugely.

Walk the Walk

Exercise releases endorphins that help the way you feel. Doing this a few times a week, even for an hour each time, can make you feel so much better, much more relaxed and calmed too. You can walk around your neighbourhood or find somewhere in the hills to go. Let nature be your gym, so long as you’re getting fresh air and working the heart and muscles, your brain will follow suit. There are plenty of sports you can do alone, be it running or golf, but finding a buddy to come on this journey of relaxation with you will make it much more fun.

Family Time

Family time is hugely important as it lets any issues or trouble come out into the open. Talking things through and being honest with the people closest to you can help with anxiety and keep everyone on the same page emotionally. This doesn’t mean you have to call ‘family meetings’ every two minute, but sitting down to chat, spending time together and allowing everyone to be themselves certainly helps everyone feel much better about life.

Career Life

The link between career life and your happiness is huge, because after all is said and done, your job role comes indirectly from your own personal ambitions. If these aren’t fulfilled then you’re always going to be unhappy, which again – isn’t good. Be sure to keep your career in mind if you’re unhappy. It could be because of this.

These are all basic components of having a good, happy, calm life. They’re the four major factors in anyone’s life. Keeping each of these in check will see you lead a relatively happy life. When this pattern is broken, however, you begin to see the cracks building. Keep an eye on these for a calm existence.

How to Manage Your Sleep Patterns and Enjoy a Higher Quality of Life

sleeping-2You have one life to live, and most of us understand the importance of doing things now that will benefit the quality of our lives later. From eating right and exercising to going to the doctor for regular checkups and more, there’s a lot we can do to maintain the integrity of our bodies and age gracefully. However, there’s an aspect that makes a bigger difference than most give it credit for. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average adult needs between seven and eight full hours of sleep each night in order for the body to:

  • Repair muscles
  • Grow new tissues
  • Release growth hormones necessary to grow and develop
  • Restore energy levels

There’s more to sleep than many people acknowledge, and it’s crucial that you get enough rest and relaxation in order to reduce your risk of the development of a number of health problems such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and even premature mortality. There are a few things you can do to manage proper sleep patterns and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Sleeping Hot

cooling-mattress-topThis may sound simple but… turn down your thermostat. You sleep much better in a cooler room covered in blankets or duvets to keep you warm. If you get too hot you can always throw a leg out to help yourself cool down.

Another option is to invest in some cooling sleep technology. Cooling mattress pads actually help to control your body heat so that you aren’t too cold or too hot. This makes a considerable difference in how well we sleep.


Consider Lighting Changes

dim-light-bedroomThe body is designed to recognize patterns, and this certainly holds true when it comes to sleep. Most of us naturally become sleepy at night when the sun goes down. In order to ensure you’re ready to close your eyes for the day at the right time, consider making lighting changes in your home to be enjoyed during the hours before bedtime. The goal is to decrease the intensity of the lighting so you can adjust to a dimmer room and encourage the body to prepare for upcoming sleep.

When the temperatures are in the mid to upper 60’s, they’re right to help the body transition to bedtime. Consider installing LED lights on your car and using them to offer slight illumination while you wind down reading or relaxing on the porch. These lights can even help you create a sleek look on your vehicle while getting you physically prepared for restful sleep.

Lose the Electronics

tabletAs our society becomes increasingly reliant on electronic devices, our collective sleep quality suffers. When you engage in conversations on social media, watch videos, or just read news articles on illuminated screens, your brain remains active, and you don’t allow it the proper transition to more easily fall asleep when it’s time to do so.

While it may be met with resistance, encourage your household to put a ban on the use of electronics two hours before bedtime, and this isn’t limited to mobile devices. You should even turn off the television. You’ll be surprised to find with what ease you can fall asleep when you’ve allowed your body the natural transition it needs to fall asleep.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of a Late Night

We’ve all had late nights. From staying up all night to study for an exam to rushing to finish the final details of a big work project and more, it can be difficult to fall asleep knowing what lies ahead the next morning. While it may seem to be responsible to stay up late to complete your obligations, first consider the consequences. When you fail to get the sleep you need, your energy levels won’t be optimal the next day. Therefore, even if you do stay up for three extra hours the night before, you’ll suffer for eight the next day, decreasing your overall productivity.

stressStress can be a significant hindrance to the enjoyment of proper sleep, and it can be difficult to shut off our thoughts when we have something important coming up. In order to combat that, you have to allow yourself to put it in the back of your mind temporarily while you let your body perform the rejuvenation you need to competently tackle any problem you may face. When you have an important event coming up, prepare the night before by:

  • Ceasing any work on the project at hand no less than two hours before bedtime
  • Reading a book before bed
  • Not eating anything within two hours of going to bed
  • Turning off all lights in your bedroom to allow your body restful sleep

Making Every Minute Count

When you sleep, you allow your body to go through a number of sleep stages and accomplish many important functions to help keep your body healthy and maintained. However, in such a busy world, it can be easy to neglect the proper amount of sleep we really need. By following these tips, you can let old habits die while you work on developing good ones that will help you more easily manage your sleep and make every minute count.

Weird But True Patterns Between Animals and the Moon

luna-and-the-moon-1133127_640We have all heard mysterious stories of how the moon turns people into werewolves and causes creatures to behave strangely. While this is typically dismissed as simple tall tales, the truth is that there is evidence that the lunar body that orbits our planet could, indeed, have an impact on animals. According to the National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, both human and animal physiology are subject to lunar rhythms. There are a few weird but true patterns that have been exhibited by wildlife during various stages of the lunar cycle.

Badgers and the New Moon

badger-and-new-moonDuring the new moon (when the moon is between the Earth and the sun), badgers tend to raise their leg when they urinate to mark their territory whereas their legs typically remain down during other times. Researchers believe this is because the new moon provides a darker outdoor setting, and this makes it an ideal time for mating as a single session can take as long as 90 minutes.

This is good to know because badgers are dangerous animals, and they become more aggressive when they are mating. If you plan to go out in an area known for badgers during a new moon, be sure to visit Bushcraft pro. They offer the protection and information you need to stay safe if you should happen to come upon one of these devious creatures.

Increase in Pet Mischief

If you have a dog or cat, you may notice that they get into more mischief during the full moon. In fact, according to Live Science, veterinarians and other workers in animal care found a 23 percent increase in cat visits and 28 percent increase in dog visits to emergency rooms on nights when the moon was fuller. While there is no scientific explanation as to why these statistics exist, it’s suspected that it’s because pets tend to spend more time outdoors at night when the moon is brighter.

Lion Attacks on Humans

lionWhile lion attacks on humans aren’t common, when they do occur, it’s most often in the days immediately following a full moon. While this could easily cause us to consider credibility to theories that the full moon makes people and animals crazy, there’s a more likely theory. Since there is a longer gap of darkness between sunset and moonrise during a full moon, it’s more likely for people to be out on these dark nights. Researchers looking for the answers to this phenomenon suspect this simple explanation accounts for the increase in human and lion run-ins.

A Mysterious World

Patterns exist in many forms, and being aware of this fact can make you more attuned to the world around you. While you’re not likely to run into a werewolf anytime soon, there is good evidence to support the claims that the moon does, indeed, have an impact on the behavior of animals. By understanding this, you can make more informed decisions the next time you plan a hunting trip or outdoor family outing.